Launching Soon


We are looking for people to be part of our church community who are passionate to see lives changed by Jesus in daily life, and to come and walk with us as we become active members of the Station North community by seeking the good as we share the Gospel so that Jesus can build His church. Please consider moving here to become part of our church planting team in Baltimore.


We need a team of disciples that are dedicated to praying for the lost in the lives of our congregation, that Jesus would take out their heart of stone and give them a heart and mind that loves Him and that sees their own rebellion for what it is.
Please pray that those coming would be daily vulnerable and courageous enough to boldly share their faith and life in both their day to day and as a member of the church community. Please pray that as we enter hard and dark places that God would protect us and that He would advance His kingdom. Pray that we would find favor in the neighborhoods we enter. Pray that we would each find our delight in God and His goodness.


We ask that you would give financially in this effort to see the Father’s kingdom come and will be done here in Baltimore just like it is in heaven. We would be honored to have you join by giving as a monthly financial supporter.

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