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Welcome! We are glad you are here. Explore the foundations of who we are and what you can expect at Village Church Station North.

What We Believe

We welcome you to explore what the bible teaches about some of the major topics of the Christian faith.

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About our church

Small Groups

Small groups are a way for us to live life together as we love each other and our city



Meets Thursdays at 7pm.

Men’s Group

Mondays at 7pm.

About our church

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Outreach Group

Get plugged into serving in the community of Station North as we seek the good of our city.

Clean the Streets

Join with us as we partner with the community to keep our streets clean.

Village Kids

Join in serving the kids of Village Church Station North by becoming a part of the Village Kids team.

Church Service Serving Teams

Join a Sunday morning Serving Team to serve the community by providing a safe space to receive grace through working in front or behind the scenes in our Worship Service.

Need Prayer? Send us a message and we will reach out!